The Summer Crew

2017 Summer Positions COMING SOON!

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Logan Roy – Shop Assistant

Logan has worked for the Compass crew for the past few summers. He’ll be a Sophmore at Western Washington University next year, and is planning to major in Industrial Technology, Vehicle Design. When not hitting the books or building racecars with the WWU Formula team, he likes to spend his time out in neature. Whether he’s skinning up a volcano, or climbing columnar basalt, he embraces the suffering and thrives in the pain cave.

You can find him up at Mt. Baker in the winter in the search for the Ullr goods or on the countless miles of loam lined singletrack near Bellingham or in the Valley in the hunt for Strava glory. In his spare time, he enjoys long hours working on his Subaru, weeding vinyl and researching bottom bracket standards. His favorite color is blue, like the majestic crashing waves of the pacific coast. He rides 29er's, runs 21 psi in is Vigilante’s, 75 psi in his Pike with 4 tokens, and prefers Shimano like a nice cup of licorice spice.


Lainey Pereboom - Guide

Lainey grew up loving the high the desert mountains around her home in Prescott, Arizona. When she wasn’t playing soccer, she hiked, biked and skied with her family in Flagstaff, Arizona, Banff, Canada, and a lot of the country in between. These adventures created a love for the outdoors that has lasted through the years, and led to her to ski instructing for the last three years in both Washington and Colorado.

Lainey recently received her Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) certification, as well as a TEFL/TESOL certification, and is looking forward to using these skills for awesomely fun and safe adventures with kids from all different backgrounds. She has a strong appetite for risk and knows how to teach kids about risky behavior in a safe environment.



Jane Livingston - Guide

Jane Livingston is a 6th generation Valley dweller. She grew up hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and hanging out on the trails, rivers, ledges and fields that were right out her door. Apart from the outdoors, Jane played 13 years of soccer as well as a lot of volleyball.

She loves to travel and Greece and New Zealand are next on her list. Jane gets to continue living in an outdoor paradise as she partakes in her freshman year at Western Washington University. Jane is a passionate about kids experiencing adventure and explore the outdoors.


Emiliesa Horwitz - Guide

Emiliesa grew up on a small island in the Puget Sound. No matter what time of year it was she was outside until well after sundown, and more often than not in some body of water. Her love of the outdoors was fostered all throughout childhood through hiking and kayaking locally as well as on some of North America’s biggest rivers.

Before graduating high school Emiliesa  completed an Outward Bound leadership course in Utah canyoneering and whitewater rafting. The same year she joined National Ski Patrol alongside her mother, sister and brother. Intermixed with outdoor excursions and more traditional education Emiliesa traveled all over the globe. Each experience lending new appreciation to the commonality between cultures and the boundless beauty of the planet. Emiliesa uses those experiences as she engages with kids at summer camp and leads them into all sorts of adventures.


Ethan Duvall - Guide

Ethan grew up in the Valley and has not failed to take advantage of such an awesome place. Whether it be biking, hiking, rock-climbing, snowboarding, fishing, or backpacking, he seeks thrill and adventure whenever he can. Ethan is attending his freshmen year at Western Washington University where he can continue his love for the outdoors in the educational field of Environmental Science and Conservation Biology.

As one of Compass Outdoors first campers, Ethan is passionate about providing the best experience possible for kids that were just like him. He believes that playing outside and being active are developmentally important for everyone, and providing kids with the ability to get dirty is the greatest thing you can do for them. Ethan loves to make new friends and share awesome adventures!



Greg Schultze - Guide

Greg Schultze hails from the Midwest. He got involved in the Cub Scouts at a young age and spent his summers camping, hiking and learning to appreciate and respect nature. Greg graduated from the University of Oklahoma where he discovered mountain biking and found that it allowed him to combine his love for the outdoors with his passion for friends and new experiences.

Apart from mountain biking, Greg also enjoys snowboarding, swimming, fishing and hiking. He sees joining the Compass team as the perfect opportunity to teach people how to safely enjoy the outdoors, while making lasting relationships and most importantly having fun!



Nate Lewiston – Guide

Nathan’s Compass experience began as a participant in Compass mountain bike camps and now he is a part of the compass staff. Nate believes that participating in the Compass program prepared him to excel at school where he is in his sophomore year at Central Washington University.  

He’s learned many lessons from Luke and Compass about leadership, independence, work ethic, and team work. These lessons have prepared him to enter the work force and to pursue a challenging college education.  Nate has had many great experiences and knows that he will have many more as he continues on his Compass journey.



JohnCompassbioJohn Kelly - Guide

Growing up in Pennsylvania, the landscape was much different than that of Washington, but for John, the activities remained very similar. He spent much of his time outside, day and night. From a young age, John loved camping out with his friends, even if just in the back yard.

His passion for the wilderness grew as he got older and discovered how much it had to offer. Whether it be hiking, biking, rafting, or skiing, John feels like a kid again and right at home.

John attended a similar program, and recognized how important it was to have a staff member that was truly passionate about what they were doing. This really inspired John. After working his first program, he knew what he wanted to do in life, share his passions and interest with others. After finishing college in Pennsylvania, John packed up and headed west to continue what he loves doing and exploring new territory at the same time. 



Trevor Velzeboer - Shop Manager

Trevor joined us in our 2015 season. Working different positions at Compass, Trevor has seen all sides of the business. As the Shop Manager, he keeps our bikes, gear, and shop in check. When called upon he still goes out in the field on camp and can get an adventure going in no time!

He's built countless model airplanes and usually goes to bed around 9:30. When not working as the shop manager for Compass, he enjoys working on his Ford Ranger and exploring new mountain bike trails. In the off-season, Trevor teaches kids how to ski in Breckenridge, Colorado. Favorite Food: Thai Pizza; Favorite Animal: Raccoon