3 Reasons to Sign up for 2017 Summer Camp

Compass Outdoor Adventures has been developing unique Summer Camp experiences since 2007. We have an intense passion to build programming that pushes the boundaries of what our campers see possible, and therefore create life long memories.

Our three main values of our Summer Camp programming are to encourage Curiosity, Risk Taking, and a Sense of Adventure.

Our guides and staff induce this behavior by developing a deep trust with their campers. They allow each individual to push their personal limits, safely, with thought and guidance, while also allowing them to step back if desired. We call this Challenge by Choice.

Here at Compass we're constantly striving to better our programming and develop new adventures for our customers. We accomplish this by staying true to our values, and these are the three main reasons you have to sign up for camp this year!

1. Curiosity

Curiosity is a strange and wonderful characteristic that we all have to an extent. Yet, some believe they must be wary and hold back in discovering new and sometimes scary new subjects, beliefs, adventures, friends, and interests.

However we strongly encourage the craving to discover something new.

Starting with our youngest camps, our guides build the need to question 'what's over that hill?' and 'why is the river brown today?' This is genuinely the building blocks of a developing mind, if we question the limits now, we'll question them in the office later, and every company needs a visionary.

2. Risk Taking

Ever felt really good after pushing the boundaries of what you perceive as risk? We all have at some point, maybe it's catching that HUGE spider in the kitchen, or jumping off a rock into the lake, it's all the same.

Humans feel the need to take risks and fill ourselves with adrenaline. It is those that take CALCULATED RISKS that are able to push themselves physically and mentally for longer and sometimes further.

Our programming is specifically designed for each age group, in order to provide experiences that allow individuals to take calculated risks, with council or discussion from our trained guides. These risks might be a bike jump now, but could eventually turn into taking a calculated financial risk later or start a new business.

3. Sense of Adventure

As an adventure company, this value is inevitably in our blood. We see that all kids and adults alike have a sense of adventure tucked away somewhere. In our busy day to day lives sometimes this will get hidden away as an afterthought. Not at Compass!

We train our guides to constantly find new adventures and provide a way for that to return to our programming. As much as our camps have a schedule they also have a lot of flexibility to run different activities at a variety of locations. This allows our campers to search for something new, find a hidden path, or discover a tree to climb along with their guides.

We hope that in the long run we encourage our 'customers' both campers, staff, and parents to get out and adventure with their friends and family.

We believe that these are the main reasons our customers come back year after year. Some see what we have accomplished with their children, then even bring their office team out to play just like their kids did.

We encourage these values in our camps and our lives signing up for a 2017 Summer Camp is where it all starts.

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