Three of Our Favorite Summer Camps

As a parent of three energetic and active kiddos, I’m always looking for good opportunities

for my kids to hear hang around with good role models, have fun, and get to know other people. Below is a quick list of some of our favorite local camps that you should definitely check out. Make sure you tell ‘em we sent you 😉

1. Sweetlines Summer Camps – Our good friend Kat Sweet runs amazing mountain biking summer camps at Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. They focus on skill progression and becoming a competent mountain biker and trail steward. Kat is an amazing rider and coach herself and employs tons of great riders and mentors to chase your kids around the 95 acre Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park.

2. Wilderness Awareness Schools Summer Camps – A slightly more “earthy” alternative to Compass camps, Wilderness Awareness focuses on getting kids closer to nature and really understanding the synergy between their lives and the natural world around them. Staffed by ecological experts, these camps take place all over Seattle and the Eastside at local King County and Seattle parks. They definitely know how to root your kid into nature.

3. Sambica Summer Camps – Sambica has been around and running camps for over 96 years! Focused on bringing kids closer to Jesus while communing with each other AND spending countless hours on Lake Sammamish, these guys run thousands of kids through camp each year. We’ve heard from lots of our families who come to us and to Sambica that they’ve got it going on. That and the fact that we partner with them on their high school adventure and leadership program doesn’t hurt 😉

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