Do the bike rentals come with a helmet?

All bike rentals are supplied with a helmet, a riding backpack, and a repair kit. The repair kit includes a multi-tool, a pump, tube, and tire levers. We also can supply knee pads and gloves: look for this option during the booking process under “Add-ons”.

How long do I get to keep the bike?

All of our bikes are considered a “day rental” and not a “24-hour rental”. All bikes must be back by 4pm the day of the booking. You can pick them up prior day between 4-5pm, or as early as 9:00am day of your booking.

Can I book a bike for multiple days?

Yes! However our booking system does not make this very easy, so call us at 425-318-8876 for us to book you for multiple days. We also offer special pricing starting on the 4th day!!

Do you deliver to different locations or at different times?

During peak season we try to stick to our scheduled locations/times. However, if our delivery times/locations don’t work for you we do offer custom delivery times and locations for a flat $50 fee. This flat fee can be applied across multiple bikes, so bring a friend! Call HQ for more info.

What size bike do I need?

When booking your chosen bike, each bike’s title will have the recommended rider height correlating to the size of the bike. Each bike fits differently both between brands and models, and varies based on preference and rider skill level. The person preparing your bike will review your questionnaire and if they feel you are better suited to a different size bike they will contact you make adjustments in the system. 

What should I wear?

Always get an idea of the weather ahead and rain jackets are usually recommended. Comfortable, sweat-wicking, and non-restrictive clothing is best. Shorts or leggings are great for the lower half, and a tech-tee or athletic shirt will do for the upper half. Remember, cotton will hold sweat and can quickly get cold or not breath well on warm days, so Wool or Synthetic clothing usually is best. Sturdy closed toed shoes; Biking specific shoes are best, but skate shoes or approach shoes work really well. 

Do I need a pass to park at the trailhead? 

Duthie Hill has free parking. Discovery Passes will allow you to park in the upper lots at Tiger and Raging, but are not required in the lower lots.  A day pass can be purchased at Here . If you have purchased a pass, just text the driver and we can meet you in the Discover lot. Due to an increase in theft at Tiger and Raging we recommend not leaving any valuables in your vehicle no matter what lot you decide to park in.

Do you offer tours or guiding services? 

Looking to have someone show you around our world-class trails or maybe somewhere that isn’t listed above? We do offer 101 classes for Novice-Intermediate level riders and Private Guiding services for Intermediate - Expert level riders. 

Refer to our Adventures page for more details

Do you rent road bikes?

At the moment, we do not rent any road bikes. We are considering carrying a fleet of gravel/adventure bikes to accommodate both road and gravel riding, so check back with us soon! 

Do you rent electric bikes?

We are looking into it! We are looking to be offering a fleet of electric bikes and tours. So check back with us soon! Keep in mind, most mountain bike trail systems in Washington do not allow electric bikes, so they are very limited on where you can ride.