To create a world class demo fleet, you better have some great friends. That is why we have partnered with evo to have the best-in-class fleet of rental bikes here in the Great Northwest.

Featuring 2019 models from Santa Cruz, Juliana, Evil and Yeti, we have a bike for all riders, all sizes and all trails.

Whether you are local and want to come pick up a bike on your own or are visiting the area and want a bike delivered to the trailhead of your choice, we have you covered. Amazing bikes, delivered!

Visit our Delivery page for more information on delivery and our incredible riding locations!


Santa Cruz Chameleon

Hardtail Bikes

These are ideal for smoother, faster trails, and helping build technical bike handling skills through rougher terrain. Newer modern hardtails are much more capable than bikes of old, and are a great budget friendly starting point for newer riders or for adding a different flavor to the trail for the more seasoned shredder. Available in both 29” and 27.5”+ wheels.

Ideal for: Duthie, Grand Ridge, lower Raging River, and Ollalie

  • Santa Cruz Chameleon - 27.5+ or 29er


Yeti SB130

Medium Travel Bikes

These are the Swiss Army knives of bikes. Super efficient suspension systems make pedaling these bigger bikes uphill a breeze, but they pack plenty of punch to conquer either fast and flowy trails, steep and chunky trails, or everything in between. Ranging from 130-160mm of travel, in both 29” and 27.5” wheels.

Ideal for: Raging River and Tiger Mountain

  • Evil Insurgent - 27.5

  • Evil Offering - 29er

  • Juliana Roubion - 27.5

  • Santa Cruz Bronson - 27.5

  • Yeti SB130 - 29er

Evil Following

Short Travel Bikes

These rocket ships will blow your mind with what you can accomplish on a bike with limited amount of suspension. With hints of a race bike going uphill, but with the geometry of a longer travel bike makes these wicked fun coming back down and playful for all side hits. These will be the bikes that makes your friends wonder what else is in your water bottle. Available in both 29” wheels and 27.5”+ and 120-140mm of travel.

Ideal for: Duthie Hill, Grand Ridge, Raging River, and Ollalie

  • Evil Following - 29er

  • Juliana Furtado - 27.5

  • Santa Cruz 5010 - 27.5


Santa Cruz Megatower

Long Travel Bikes

Newer, more challenging trails that are filled with the gnarliest roots, big gap jumps, and the steepest descents require a beastly bike to ride. This is where our climbable, but heavy-hitting long travel bikes come in. Pedal up, bomb down. Exceeding 150mm of travel all the way up to 170mm, and available in 29” and 27.5” wheels.

Ideal for: More difficult trails at Raging River and Tiger Mountain

  • Santa Cruz Megatower - 29er

  • Yeti SB150 - 29er

  • Yeti SB6 - 27.5


The DEMO Process

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