Camp Packing List

Summer Camp Packing List and Information


We at Compass Outdoor Adventures want to ensure your child has an amazing experience while out with one of our Summer Camp programs. Part of ensuring that they have an amazing experience is to make sure they have the right gear, food, and enough water. The Compass Summer Camps are mobile, this allows us to travel between a wide range of adventurous areas and bring our gear with us. Each van and trailer combo is filled with games and gear to support the fun filled days.

Having this mobile combination allows us to pack two bags with each child. During camp, we have one daily backpack that stays with the camper, and is replenished at home with supplies each day. Your camper will be wearing this bag throughout the day and while riding and it would be useful to keep this bag as small as possible. The second backpack stays in the trailer for the duration of camp, in case there is ever need for back up supplies/gear.

Please find some additional information outlining exactly what to pack for your child. We also have a downloadable PDF attached below with all of the gear needed and some extra information regarding their trips. You can always reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

All of our campers are required to bring the three items listed here

Day Camp Gear List


Overnight Gear List

Summer Day Camp Packing List - Pack 1


This is a simple small backpack big enough to store water and lunch. You will pack this pack each day with a fresh lunch and fill up water bottles. Your child should be able to ride with this backpack!


Summer Day Camp Packing List - Pack 2


This is a larger duffle style pack that will stay in the trailer most of the time. This one can stay with us for the week if it does not need to be replenished with dry gear etc.