The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to explore, grow, and get outside.


Come play with us!


Adventures designed for all fitness and skill levels from Seattle to Snoqualmie Pass and beyond.


The Great Goosechase

• Teams work together in an App-Based Scavenger Hunt
• Creative Missions get people learning about each other, their culture, and their area
• Goosechases built near Snoqualmie Falls, North Bend, or even on your own campus
• Custom video provided for the teams

Snoqualmie Tunnel Adventure

• Transport your team to the beautiful Snoqualmie Pass
• Ride through a 2.3-mile dark train tunnel, and continue on for a total of 20 miles viewing amazing scenery all downhill!
• Helmets, bikes, guides & transportation included

Intro to Mountain Biking

• We'll transport your group to Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, "Disneyland for bikes"
• You'll be set up with the perfect gear... bikes, helmets, & safety equipment
• You'll learn the basics of mountain biking on beginner & intermediate trails

Cascading Waterfalls Guided Hike

• All of our year-round liquid sunshine sure makes the PNW beautiful!
• We'll take your team to both Twin Falls & the famous Snoqualmie Falls
• You'll learn about the local Snoqualmie tribe & have amazing photo opportunities

Fat Bike Adventures

• Customized trips based on your group size, time, & ability
• You'll explore local alpine trails with supportive guides
• This trip shows that biking isn't just for summer anymore!
• Fat Bike, Riding Equipment, Beverages, Transportation

Snowshoe and Bru Tour

• Our trained adventure guides take you to the beautiful Snoqualmie Pass
• Your team will snowshoe around the Gold Creek area
• You'll gain local knowledge while taking in beautiful alpine views
• Tour the Dru Bru Brewery & taste PNW craft ale
• MSR Snowshoes, gaiters, & transportation provided


Company Picnics and Field Days

How about a giant game of Connect Four? Four-way Tug of War? Water Balloon Relays? Join our expert staff in the station race of a lifetime where your teams compete with each other in the best way possible... beers in hands and smiles on faces. We'll chat with you all about your group, your activity levels, and your goals. Plus we'll build a company picnic like no other.

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We have events to cater to any group size, dynamic, or location. Take look at our other events, and we'll help make it unforgettable!

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