This 120-acre bike park built by King County and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is Seattle’s premier Mountain Bike Park. This incredible network of trails filled with everything from flow trails, jump lines, and XC loops is an absolute wonderland for bikes. Everyone from beginners to expert level riders will find something to entertain themselves. Constructed in a clover-leaf like pattern, with all trails looping off from the central clearing, and top level signage, makes Duthie Hill the easiest trail system to navigate. Follow the simple trail progression below:

XC Trails:

Bootcamp: Beginner | 1 Mile | 110ft Climb | This is an excellent place to start for anyone new to Duthie or to the Sport. You can enter onto Bootcamp either by the access road or from the center clearing. From the center clearing you’ll climb for about .5 miles through a winding singletrack. Upon reaching the top you’ll be rewarded with rolling trail full of smooth berms and rollers taking you back to the clearing.

Movin’ On: Intermediate | .85miles | 103ft Climb | After Bootcamp the next jump up is going to be Moving On. This trail is similar in style to Bootcamp in how it moves through the woods, but ups the game a little by making the turns a little tighter and adding in a few roots and optional lines.

Step It Up: Intermediate | 1 mile | 213ft Climb | Carrying over the similar flavor of Bootcamp and Moving On, Step It Up spices it up even more by adding in more climbing, optional skinny and drop sections, and increasing the mileage. Combine all 3 trails for a great 3 mile loop!

Grand Ridge: Advanced | 5 miles One-Way | 1,095 Climb | While not technically part of the Duthie Hill MTB Park, it starts at the entrance to the park and is a great alternative to the sometimes crowded park. A 2-way trail that peaks near the center, it rolls through a thick forest, and has ripping fast descents. Add in the Watertower loop for an fun, extra 2 miles.

Flow Trails:

Deuces Wild: Beginner | .35miles | 5ft Climb | Deuces Wild cuts off from Bootcamp about 1/4 of the way down. This Dual Slalom style track is a great introduction to railing turns and practicing bike-body separation over the multiple rollers and tabletops. Race your buddies and see which track is fastest, but make sure to stay in your lane!

2Hi / Jubalani: Intermediate | .18miles | 26ft Climb | A beginner friendly freeride trail filled with berms, rollers, and tabletops making the transition into catching air an easy one. 

Voodoo Child: Intermediate | .19miles | 5ft Climb | An intermediate trail as wild as Jimi’s guitar features ladder drops, wooden wallrides, hip jumps, and doubles. You’ll be growing your Little Wings in no time after railing down this ripper of a trail.

Ryan’s Eternal Flow: Advanced | .29miles | 20ft Climb | A Compass favorite each time we visit Duthie, this trail is an absolute blast. This intermediate friendly flow trail built like a halfpipe, is an awesome introduction into a freeride / jump trail, with optional features such as wooden kickers, drops, and a big wooden roller.

Freeride / Jump Trails:

Rehab: Intermediate | .12miles | 2ft Climb | This intermediate trail is packed with rollers fashioned so you can roll them, manual through, or gap over, making for a great introduction to catching air with lower consequence.

Gravy Train: Advanced | .22miles | 4ft Climb | Packed with about 20 gap jumps, ranging 3-8ft in length and growing bigger in size as you descend, this is an awesome trail to step up your jumping game. Work yourself up by making multiple runs and seeing how far you can get down the trail each time.

GHY / Double Trouble: Expert | .18miles | 7ft Climb | These paralleling trails are an air-catchers dream, packed with multiple mandatory doubles.

Flying Squirrel: Pro | .15miles | 1ft Climb | With the biggest jumps in the whole park, Flying Squirrel will test your airtime skills. Building as they go down, with 2 very large doubles at the end.

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