Duthie Hill

Duthie Hill

Duthie is one of the premier bike parks in the Northwest. It has a trail system shaped like a cloverleaf, which creates a clearing centered between the trails. When one of the guides from Compass shows new riders around Duthie, we usually follow this simple progression:

Where to ride:

Bootcamp: You can ride the downhill portion of the trail when entering the park. There is an entrance that shoots off the fire road and leads into the park from the main parking lot. This portion of the trail will lead you right in the middle clearing, where most of the other trails spur. Once in the main clearing check out the detailed map in the middle to help direct you to the entrance to the full Bootcamp trail. Try out the whole ride this time, since you now had a taste of the trail. Riding tip: Stand up and look through the corners.

Luna Jump Lines: These are fun for all levels of riders and help practice important riding skills, such as standing up on flat pedals. Usually we guide people on the middle lane, with tabletops first, and then the line to the right, which has a few small drops.
 Riding tip: Don’t try to get air on your first run.

Deuces Wild: This trail veers off Bootcamp, so you don’t even need to find a new trailhead. While on Bootcamp follow the signs pointing to the right to get on Deuces Wild. This is a dual slalom course, but usually we suggest people to go one at a time and don’t race the first run.
 Riding tip: Stay in one lane so you don’t crash out.

Jubalani: This trail is short, sweet, and exciting. It is a great introduction to gravity-fed jump lines. Riding tip: Go slow your first time.

Step It Up: More of a cross-country trail, for those of you that want a bit more fitness. Riding tip: Be prepared for climbing and don’t start when you’re tired.

Voodoo Child: For a bit of excitement at the end, try this trail that works well for new and veteran riders. Riding tip: Follow the ride arounds and signs marked easier to stay off the advanced aspects.

Important Reminders:

There is no water available at the park, so make sure to bring your own.


You can leave a backpack in the clearing or take it with you, but a bit of food always helps if shaken up from a fall or worn out from the heat.


If you are with kids, STOP WHEN THEY ARE DONE!! From all of our instructor experience here at Compass, we have found this to be one of the most important safety decisions. Pushing kids for one last lap or ride when they are tired and/or dehydrated can turn a fun day into a bummer.


If you are still unsure about your time at Duthie, or just want more information and support while riding, Compass has instructors who love to guide groups at the bike park.


This progression is simply a guide, and you are responsible to ride at your own ability and judge your comfort for each and every aspect of the terrain. No matter how aware and careful you are riding, there is always the chance of injury when mountain biking.

Rattlesnake Mountain Trail Parking Lot 37580 Winery Rd, Snoqualmie, WA, 98065

Duthie Hill Interactive Map

Duthie Hill Map [PDF]

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