Easy Hikes


Franklin Falls: 2 miles, 400 ft gain

This well-constructed trail is great for those who are either new to hiking or just looking for a hike on the easier side. This trail runs along Denny Creek, which is full of fresh snow run off, making it as clear as it could be. This 2 mile round-trip hike will get you right to the base of Franklin Falls. If you’re brave enough, you could take an icy plunge into the pool the waterfall dumps into.

*Discover Pass Required

Twin Falls: 2.6 miles, 500 ft gain

This hike winds through the trees and right alongside the river. At the top of the first hill you will get your first view of the falls. You will then make the trek getting you closer to Twin Falls. This hike will be shaded most of the time, and the option to swim in the river along the way.

*Discover Pass Required



Gold Creek Pond: 1 mile, 10 ft gain

This hike is a cruisey, 1 mile, paved trail around the gorgeous Gold Creek Pond. Mountains tower over the Commonwealth Basin and make for excellent views! While this may be an easy hike, it is still remarkable.

*Northwest Forest Pass Required