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All under 3 miles, and less than 1000ft elevation change, these hikes are a great introduction for someone new to hiking or mellow options to take the whole family on. The whole way you’ll be soaking in all of the wonderful scenery the Northwest has to offer that will make you want to come back again and again.



Are you looking to up your hiking game? These medium hikes range from 4 miles with elevation gain to 12 miles with no elevation gain. These hikes have no shortage of views whether that be a raging river or a ledge overlooking a lake.



Your legs are feeling strong and your mind is feeling confident… lets take it up a notch. These hard hikes will have your quads burning but you are rewarded by towering peaks and clear alpine lakes that make you forget how hard it was. Always make sure to bring water and snacks if you’re attempting these more difficult hikes.