With the Holiday season right around the corner, is your office/team celebration scheduled? Have no fear as Compass is here to help. With three special events selected for the season, we have something for any team and group size. Let us make it easy for you and crew as we take care of all the details. Transportation, food and beverage… You name it. We’ll make you look like a Holiday Hero.


The Great Goosechase

This app based scavenger hunt puts your teams heads together to solve riddles, accomplish missions and pound the pavement in search of points. Ideally suited for highly competitive groups, the Goosechase can be held in a number of locations, from downtown Seattle, Bellevue, or Seattle and is usually wrapped up in a festive mood with our friends at Flatstick pub or Henry’s Tavern.

  • Recommended Group Size: 16 - 200 people

  • Activity Level: Moderate

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Cost: $85/pp

  • What Is Provided: Guide(s), custom scavenger hunt via the Goosechase app.


Build-a-Bike Trivia Contest

A Compass classic, we have been working to donate over 100+ bikes a year to various Washington based charities serving kids. Work with your team to earn all the necessary bike parts via trivia or a Goosechase, and then build a kids bike that will be donated to charity. A fun way to come together and give back.

  • Recommended Group Size: 12 - 200 people

  • Activity Level: Low

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Cost: $85/pp plus cost of bikes (around $170 per bike)

  • What Is Provided: Guide(s), access to our enterprise level trivia app, one bike for up to every 4 people, tools, and trained mechanics.


Holiday Pub Olympics

Best played with a cup of cheer in hand, the always popular Holiday Pub Olympics returns! Featuring adult size versions of favorite pub games, enjoy as teams go head to head playing Giant Jenga, Jingle Bell Beer Pong, Reindeer Branding and much more. Your teams will be competitive, boisterous and full of cheer as they play for the title of Holiday Pub Olympic champs.

  • Recommended Group Size: 20 - 200 people

  • Activity Level: Low

  • Duration: 90 Minutes

  • Cost: $55/pp (large group discounts available)

  • What Is Provided: Awesome Mc’s and guides, all games, and holiday cheer