The Pro Tip

Think about this for a moment. The sun is shining, but YOU are inside at a table in a conference room. YOU are feeling miserable because YOU would rather be outside. Pro-tip: That’s not being lazy, it’s called being Human. Fresh air and a fun activity is good for the mind, body & soul.

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Under There Somewhere

The winter of 2019 will go down as a tough one for local mountain biking enthusiasts here in the Snoqualmie Valley. Recently blessed with a bounty of newly built trails that had year round riding in mind when built, they stood no chance to the  3-5 feet of snow we experienced over a week long period in February. At all. It was as recent as mid January we were riding Popping Tops laps at Raging River, climbing in mere t shirts in the balmy 60 degree winter sun. Now, we are lucky if the trailhead parking lots have even been plowed of snow. So what’s a rider to do?

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Free Teambuilding

3 Free Teambuilding Events in Seattle 

Looking for great ways to connect with your team? Try a corporate teambuilding event, they’ve been proven to build trust, communication, and understanding within the members of your team. After the event, you might find that your employees return to work with a refreshed level of motivation and productivity.

There are a million ways to organize a teambuilding event, just be sure to consider your team’s specifics (group size, interests, age, fitness levels, etc.) in your planning.

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