Free Teambuilding

3 Free Teambuilding events in Seattle 

Looking for great ways to connect with your team? Try a corporate teambuilding event, they’ve been proven to build trust, communication, and understanding within the members of your team. After the event, you might find that your employees return to work with a refreshed level of motivation and productivity.

There are a million ways to organize a teambuilding event, just be sure to consider your team’s specifics (group size, interests, age, fitness levels, etc.) in your planning.

At Compass, we specialize in corporate teambuilding and event planning. While we’d love for you to use us to facilitate your experience, we strongly believe that teambuilding is something that you shouldn’t have to hire someone for. You can do it yourself and for a fraction of the cost.

There are countless adventure opportunities to take advantage of in the Seattle area, so you shouldn’t have trouble choosing an activity. But if you need some ideas, here are a few of our favorite Seattle adventures.

Canoe Lake Washington

Head over to the southeast corner of Husky Stadium and rent some boats for a fun day on Lake Washington. You can paddle straight to the Arboretum and explore the shoreline and Foster and Marsh islands (there’s a great canoe route). This area is one of the largest wetlands on the lake and provides crucial habitat for magnificent plant and animal species.

After experiencing the natural beauty of the Arboretum, paddle through the Montlake Cut (don’t forget the check out all the rowing murals from years past) until you get to Ivar’s. Tie up at the dock in true Northwest style and grab yourself some fish’n’chips and chowder, a Northwest classic. At this point your team should be feeling pretty good. Your next move will be deciding whether to head back or paddle around Lake Union for an amazing view of Seattle from the water.

Frisbee Golf at Gas Works

If your team is feeling especially ambitious after paddling through the Arboretum and having lunch at Ivar’s, hit the Sunnyside Boat Ramp (free of charge) and touch down at Gas Works Park for some Frisbee golf or another fun activity. You can enjoy that stellar view while getting some friendly competition with coworkers. If you haven’t been to Gas Works yet, you gotta go.

Seattle from Gas Works Park

This trip can be done exclusive of the boat excursion. Gas Works has a good parking lot so it shouldn’t be hard to find parking, but we recommend you carpool; it’s a little easier, saves money, and it’s more time spent with your team. Although we recommend a team debrief before you head back to the car, the ride home can be a great place to continue the conversation about your experience.

Scavenger Hunt Around Green Lake

Scavenger hunts are always fun for introducing friendly competition and group collaboration. We like Green Lake as a scavenger hunt venue because it’s a beautiful and lively area with plenty of cool shops and restaurants mixed in.

At Compass, we use a phone app called GooseChase to help facilitate our scavenger hunts. Teams work together to solve photo, text, and location missions. You may have to thumb-wrestle a policeman, make a human pyramid, or find a local landmark. You’ll come away from the experience with fun pictures, great stories, and a fresh view of your team members and company.

Green Lake

If your group is still revved up after the scavenger hunt, head to the Green Lake Boathouse at the east end of the lake for paddle board and boat rentals. And be sure to stop for a picture with the Fremont Troll on your way out of town!

Fremont Troll

Get out there!

Now that you have some great teambuilding ideas in your back pocket, it’s time to start planning your event and growing the relationships within your team. Have fun!