It's A Small World

In a big world, a common connection can make the world feel smaller. Whether you are standing in line at a grocery store or playing tourist halfway around the globe, that connection can simply brighten your day or it  could create a lasting memory.

We recently traveled to Florence Italy and on our first night  we stopped for dinner near the infamous Duomo. It is a popular tourist area so we weren't surprised that our waiter spoke English. He asked where we were from and when we told him Washington State his face lit up and he said "Oh I really want to go to Snoqualmie Falls!" We laughed and told him that we lived near the Falls. Come to find out, he is a HUGE Twin Peaks fan and his dream is to come to the Snoqualmie Valley and tour all the Twin Peaks sights. His Italian heavy metal band also plays all the music from Twin Peaks. I told him that Compass Outdoor Adventures is across the street from the show's R&R Cafe (Twede's) and our building was used as the jail set. This brought smiles all around.

He now has an open invitation to come visit - we'll show him the Twin Peaks sights and his band can play his Twin Peaks themed Italian metal music at Compass. Stay tuned for the Facebook invite!

-Jennifer Curd, Compass Outdoor Adventures Operational Guru