The Pro Tip

Think about this for a moment. The sun is shining, but YOU are inside at a table in a conference room. YOU are feeling miserable because YOU would rather be outside. Pro-tip: That’s not being lazy, it’s called being Human. Fresh air and a fun activity is good for the mind, body & soul.

Why not take your next meeting outside? Can you picture your team snowshoeing and having a natural conversation together? Brainstorming while throwing a few snowballs helps creativity and releases stress. A win, win situation! Sounds like a recipe for success doesn't it?

I’ve witnessed first hand that time spent outside the office breaks down walls and also gives people plenty of time to think, collaborate and laugh. Since you spend so many hours with your work family, you might as well enjoy each other’s company.

If you choose the right activity, it's likely that your team is going to be thankful for you taking them there - which will make them happier. Happier = more productive = more profitable and more good ideas. And, you know it's nice to be happy. 😀

Let Compass Outdoor Adventures help plan your next meeting!

-Lisa Symonds, Compass Outdoor Adventures Sales Dept.