Under There Somewhere

The winter of 2019 will go down as a tough one for local mountain biking enthusiasts here in the Snoqualmie Valley. Recently blessed with a bounty of newly built trails that had year round riding in mind when built, they stood no chance to the  3-5 feet of snow we experienced over a week long period in February. At all. It was as recent as mid January we were riding Popping Tops laps at Raging River, climbing in mere t shirts in the balmy 60 degree winter sun. Now, we are lucky if the trailhead parking lots have even been plowed of snow. So what’s a rider to do?

Don’t be deterred by the down time, make a plan. Get that bike cleaned, this is your chance to break it all down for a proper cleaning (reminder again: the trails aren’t nearly melted out). Those repairs or part swaps you have been thinking about? DO IT. Shops are a little slower right now, make those component changes you have been scheming about. Been dreaming of an epic Peru trip? Heli drops in Revelstoke? Taking on Lord of the Squirrels in Whistler? Start booking that trip while you have lead time, hotels and airfare are better now than later. And it will give you a solid training goal. Speaking of training goals, maybe it’s also time to dust off that cycling trainer and get some spin laps on. You can binge watch your favorite series and get a solid spin workout in.

Look, we know that nothing can replace the thrill of ripping singletrack, wind in your teeth as you come into the corners hot. But by taking the time to make your mountain bike plans for the season and effectively work towards them in these down times, we know that you will have 125% more fun when it comes time and your atop a sick line on your well tuned bike that you trained for ( and planned for ).

-Caley George, Compass Outdoor Adventures Brand Marketing VP