Karin Ayling

Lead Guide

Karin thinks the best place to be is outdoors.  You can forget your everyday worries and lose yourself in the beauty of nature.  She is always out climbing trails or skiing down hills and thought why not meet new people; people who also want to be outdoors and adventurous. She thought the best way to do this is to work as a outdoor adventure guide.  Experiencing our “backyard” as she likes to say, through other’s point of view and seeing it in a whole new light. She hopes that sharing her love of the outdoors and experience on the trail will help encourage people to get out more. 

When not guiding, Karin also loves spending time with her husband and two kids.  She loves trail running, skiing, biking, swimming, paddle boarding working as a Real Estate Broker and enjoying a good beer after a day in the mountains with friends. 

Q: Whats your nickname?
A: Karino (but that is just a nickname my husbands side of the family uses for me, otherwise I do not have one. )

Q: Go to post bike ride meal? 
A: Common Wealth or The Iron Duck depending where I’m adventuring

Q: Whats your dream adventure destination and why?
A: I would love to ski in Iceland and then sleep under the sky to experience the aurora borealis because it sounds magical.

Q: Best “so there I was moment” in the outdoors?
A: I was in Reno because I flew in to drive up to Tahoe to ski powder and found out that because it dumped 4+ feet of snow, the only way the rental car company would let us go was to rent a 4 wheel drive.  Then followed our friends directions to Heavenly where were staying, which was “Go till you see a big rock and turn left...then right at the big tree.” Needless to say we made it and it was epic!

Q: Two favorite pieces of gear? 
A: I love my backpack and skis!