Maintenance Clinics

Compass Maintenance Clinic Series

Let's face it, bikes break. This maintenance series will show you the ins and outs of mountain bike maintenance. A class taught by Shannon Leigh, professional bike guide and mechanic in order to bring you the top tips and tricks that'll help you stay on the trails this season.


What’s in your pack? Flat fixes

What should you be riding with? It's easy to think nothing will go wrong on a ride, but that's far from the truth. During this class we will show you exactly what we bring on the trail with us, what types of packs we use and why we use them, how to change a flat, and the ABC's of bike checks.

Trailside Repairs - Meet at Duthie + Light ride

This is an on-trail maintenance class at Duthie Hill MTB Park covering everything from chain breakage, hanger straightening, and single speed conversion if your derailleur should break.

Mechanics 101

In the Mechanics 101 class we will be covering derailleur adjustments, brake adjustments, pad care, and cleaning parts. Bring your bike and prepare to get it dialed and running better than ever before.

Tubeless Setup and Wheel Truing

This class will cover tubeless conversion allowing you to run lower pressure for more grip in wet conditions, reduce wheel weight, and reduce flats. This is one of the rewarding upgrades you can do to your bike. Wheel truing goes hand-in-hand with wheel integrity, keeping your wheels true, straight, and tensioned properly, making for a smoother ride.

Suspension Setup and Pivots

Suspension Setup and Pivots class will cover the most intimidating features to maintain on a bike. We'll run you through exactly how to set up your suspension, how to maintain the seals and oils, and how to keep your pivot bearings healthy. This is crucial in keeping your bike riding smoothly and under control.

Brake Bleed

Brakes are often neglected for too long. We will cover how to clean, replace, and bleed your brake systems. Shimano and SRAM friendly class.