Mary Granath

Front of House Manager/Lead Guide

Mary came to this universe embedded in the tail of a passing comet. She then descended to this planet via a waterfall of glitter, and that is where her legend was born. She has learned much from this planet by providing support for kids everywhere. From entertaining children in the Dominican Republic with puppet shows to leading the charge and helping a new generation of skiers come of age, Mary’s passion for a variety of experiences (and colors) add sunshine to any and all settings.

MG landed her spaceship here at Compass in 2017 where she swiftly made a name for herself as a tireless adventure camp guide, charging headfirst into new mountain bike adventures and river dives. She has now transitioned into our bar manager, where she makes sure the good people of Earth (and the Snoqualmie Valley) are entertained and well hydrated. Mary calls Snoqualmie Pass her home landing pad (for now).

Q: Whats your nickname?
A: Previously known as The Glitter Fairy- now reformed and affectionately dubbed Colors.

Q: Go to post bike ride meal?
A: Peanut butter & jelly.

Q: Whats your dream adventure destination and why?
A: The Moon. I have an ill-advised habit of promising children that, if given enough time,  I can fulfill their greatest Ski Dreams. Several of them have now opted for skiing on the Moon. I told them I would need between five to seven years working with my NASA contacts to implement an anti-gravity ski-hill on the Moon. I’ve never told a lie before so... time’s ticking.

Q: Best “so there I was moment” in the outdoors?
A: A few winters ago I made the unfortunate decision to try my sister’s skis, Salomon Teneighty Guns, without properly checking the day’s weather. Instead of the 5in of fresh pow that had been forecasted, it had rained the entire evening essentially turning the mountain into an icy death trap with skiers and snowboarders toppled over like an obstacle course- even ski patrol was finding it difficult to remain upright. So there I was, attempting a side slip on skis with no edges, while carrying additional pairs of skis in each hand, belonging to my two students. They had clipped out at the very top and screamed bloody murder while sliding all the way to the bottom. It was their first and last blue run of the season.

Q: Two favorite pieces of gear?
A: Portable Clipboard Storage Case and my Deuter backpack with custom Colors Sharpie Art job.