Milwaukee Road Coast Division Tunnel Adventure - July 22nd - 10:00am

Ready for your amazing adventure? We'll be biking downhill through the 2.3 mile long Snoqualmie Tunnel, then continue on the 23 mile long John Wayne Trail for an epic, one day bike adventure!
This old rail line has been converted into an awesome bike path. We'll meet your group up at the Compass Shop and head to the famous Snoqualmie Tunnel, about a 30 minute drive away. You'll hop on our high-end mountain bikes and explore the completely dark railroad tunnel! (Bike lights are provided). Further along the trail you’ll cross giant railroad trestles, check out amazing waterfalls and marvel at the view. We'll finish the ride at Rattlesnake lake and celebrate our ride. We'll then be shuttled back to the Compass shop where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage.
Please book below so we can collect some information to make sure we bring the right sized bike for you, all tuned and ready to roll!
If you have any questions or concerns please email