Nolan Jensen

Shop Mechanic/Guide

Raised in U.P. of Michigan, moved to WA in 2012 to teach high school. Likes teaching; likes bikes more. Leaves teaching in 2015 to wrench on bikes and guide bike tours. Loves life a lot more now. Lives in Snoqualmie with awesome wife who builds trails for WTA and dog (Tobie) and cat (Bruce) who sleep a lot. Rides most types of bikes, loves riding them really far, runs and backpacks also, skis in winter when biking becomes miserable.

Q: Whats your nickname?
A: No nicknames to speak of. The bike guy?

Q: Go to post bike ride meal? 
A: Pizza, burritos, donuts, beer. In any order.

Q: Whats your dream adventure destination and why?
A: Alaska - because everything there is huge and empty. Or Antarctica - because it's hard to get there. I don't mind cold.

Q: Best “so there I was moment” in the outdoors?
A: Riding up Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier NP on a sunny day in June, the road was not entirely clear of snow so was closed to cars, but open to bikes. In a tree near the road, a black bear sat, sleeping. He was straddling a large branch, upright with his back up against the trunk, paws hanging all limp, mouth wide open and his tongue hanging out, snoring loudly. Probably exactly what I would be doing on a sunny day in the forest if I was a bear.

Q: Two favorite pieces of gear? 
A: CRKT Kommer 30-30 knife, it has been on every adventure with me for years and cuts many things, as a knife should. Katadyn BeFree water filter, works similarly to the Sawyer squeeze system but much much faster and simpler. Filtered water from some very sketchy cattle tanks on the AZT... haven't gotten sick 1 year later!