Rattlesnake Ledge: 4 miles, 1,160 ft gain

This hike is very popular for a reason. The trail switches back and forth through an old-growth forest. It is 2 miles to the top where you can sit on a giant ledge overlooking Rattlesnake Lake, Mount Si and the local watershed. When you get back down, make sure to take a look back up to the ledge that you just were!

*No Pass Necessary

Little Si: 4.7 miles, 1,300 ft gain

This hike has a steep incline at the beginning of the trail and at the end right before the top. In between, it is more gradual and offers a time look out for rock climbers and realize how green the Pacific Northwest really is. At the top, you are able to see a different view of Mount Si, as well as look out over the Snoqualmie Valley.

*Discover Pass Required

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Middle Fork Trail / Pratt Lake: 12 miles, 200 ft gain

At the beginning you get to cross over the Middle Fork River using an awesome bridge built by local volunteers. After this, the trail meanders along side the river, going under cliffs, in and out of forests and a couple of creek crossings. While this trail does not gain much elevation, it is longer and can allow you to clock some miles.

*Northwest Forest Pass Required