New as of 2018 is the Raging River trail system. The Washington DNR and Evergreen built trails are the closest trail system to the Compass Outdoor Adventures headquarters. Currently Raging River features a 20-mile lollipop loop, which includes a climbing trail, flow trails, and technical trails sure to please anyone of all skill levels. When asked about our trail recommendations for Raging River, we recommend following this simple progression below:

Upward Mobility- Intermediate | 3miles | 1,059ft Climb | This one-way climbing specific trail will start just out of the Raging River parking lot (parallel to the Rattlesnake hiking trail), and will take you to the top of Flow State, Poppin’ Tops, and connect you into the Raging Ridge trail. An vertical gain of just over 1000ft in 3 miles makes for a steady grade to the top with amazing views of the Snoqualmie Valley on the way up. 

Flow State and Poppin’ Tops- Intermediate - Advanced | 1.9miles | 1,062ft Descent | These Green/Blue/Black trails are a nice introduction into the fun and speed that can be had when riding a flow trail. Featuring lots of berms and rollers or jumps that can be a nice encouragement to get a little air under your tires and test the G-forces through the turns. These get progressively get more challenging as you go up, with the black portion starting at Stan’s Overlook and Upper Poppin’ Tops, the blue portion starting at Lower Poppin’ Tops, and the green to the east after the first crossing- at Lower Flow State.

Raging Ridge- Intermediate | 6miles | 1,738ft Climb | 487ft Descent This 2 way trail is a continuation of Upward Mobility that will tie you into the back the back half of the lollipop loop, and is an absolute blast coming back down. Take it to the towers and clear-cut (RT8) for a good turn-around point if you’re not looking to do the full loop. From the towers past RT8 will be a short but fun downhill section leading into another climbing bit that will take you to the top of No Service. 

No Service- Advanced | 2miles | 1,254ft Descent | This super fun, classic PNW descending trail that makes up the back part of the lollipop and features everything from fast sections, technical rooty and rocky bits, super-steep and raw cut sections, and even a bike-park/flow section in the middle to break things up. Called No Service for no cellular service making any support or rescue very difficult. The technicality of the trail, the vertical drop that puts you into “no-man’s land”, and the tough climb back out makes this for experts only. If you aren’t feeling up for the descent or are second guessing yourself at the top, we recommend going back the way you came.

The Peoples Elbow and Invictus- Expert / Pro | .15miles - .65miles | 149ft Descent - 752ft Descent | These trails cut off of No Service to the right at different points, tie back in respectively. These are absolutely rowdy; considerably steeper, narrower, and extremely technical. These are for EXPERTS ONLY. 

Return Policy- Intermediate | 2miles | 1,047ft Climb | This is the climbing trail to tie you back into Raging Ridge trail between RT7 and RT8. This trail has a steady grade averaging about 8% and will definitely test the legs of those not ready for the steep 1500’ climb in only 2 miles. Make sure to fuel up with plenty of food and water before and during the ascent to preserve those legs for the long haul back.

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