Raging River

Raging River

New as of 2018 is the Raging River trail system. The Washington DNR and Evergreen built trails are the closest trail system to the Compass Outdoor Adventures headquarters. Currently Raging River features a 20-mile lollipop loop, which includes a climbing trail, flow trails, and technical trails sure to please anyone of all skill levels. When asked about our trail recommendations for Raging River, we recommend following this simple progression below:



“Upward Mobility Climb Trail to Raging Ridge Trail Blue Square: The Upward Mobility/Raging Ridge trail is the easiest way to the top of the mountain. The climb trail is 3.5 miles long to the top of the ridge where you will have views of Mt. Rainier amongst a wide open clear-cut section. The climb trail is your only way up offering about an hour climb to the top. This trail is a two-way trail that is just as fun going down as it is up. You’ll have two options at the top, either drop back down the trail you just climbed, which is a 20-minute downhill, or continue on through the clear cut to commit to the next 10 miles of riding. 8.3 miles

“Return Policy” Blue Square: Return Policy is the climb trail back out of the valley that No Service drops into. This is the only way back to the parking lot. Be attentive to signage. To get to the trail you will have to pedal west on the logging road for about .5 miles until you see the quarry where the trail enters on the right just after the quarry. 2.4 Miles


“No Service” Black/Double Black Diamond: Literally meaning no cell service, this downhill only trail is currently the only way down and once you’ve committed to this, you have to ride the next 10 miles of trail to get out. This trail is a raw downhill trail littered with roots, rocks, drops, jumps and a large rock face feature called “The People’s Elbow”. Each major feature has ride-around options. The trail will take you to a connector that leads to the uphill. You will have to take a logging road past a rock quarry pit and the uphill out will be on the right side of the rock pit. 1.7 Miles

“Invictus” Double Black Diamond: This trail is even more raw than the No Service trail. Invictus is a steeper, rootier trail with loose natural singletrack feel like old school PNW singletrack used to be. Invictus will lead you to the same exit spot as No Service will. .6 Miles

“Poppin’ Tops Upper/Lower to Flow State Upper/Lower” Black Diamond/Blue Square: The main easy access downhill. This trail system allows you to get the biggest bang for your buck if you don’t want to do the whole 21-mile loop to No Service. The trail is lined with tabletops, rollers, berms, and spectacular views of Mt. Si and North Bend. The trail doesn’t have any mandatory gaps or drops. 2 Miles

Important Reminders:

Snow can be low enough to cover all the trails all the way down to the parking lots during winter, and may be present until late spring. Rain is also an ever-present factor, so be sure to check the weather and it’s never a bad idea to pack a jacket just in case. Ask a Compass employee or refer to Trailforks.com / Trailforks app for up-to-date trail conditions.

Trail Ratings:

While most trails are rated along a similar scale, most of the trails in the Pacific Northwest can be considerably more challenging than the ratings of your trails at home. The added challenges of roots, rocks, steep terrain, and the wet climate will be sure to challenge even the most experienced riders.


There is no water available at Raging River, so be sure to pack plenty of your own.


The majority of the trails on Raging River are one direction only and will usually take some time to complete. So be sure to bring along plenty of snacks to keep your energy high and those legs moving.


This progression is simply a guide, and you are responsible to ride at your own ability and judge from your comfort for each and every aspect of the terrain. No matter how aware and careful you are riding, there is always the chance of injury when mountain biking.

Rattlesnake Mountain Trail Parking Lot 37580 Winery Rd, Snoqualmie, WA, 98065

Raging River Trailforks Map

Raging River Map [PDF]