Referral Program


What we have learned about rewards we learned from riding our mountain bikes: if you do the work on the uphill, you are rewarded with a flowing downhill. It’s as simple as that. We also learned from mountain biking that finding the right trails sometimes is a word of mouth connection through friends and community.

So…when it came time to think about a referral reward program, we knew that it had to incorporate what we have learned from riding bikes: thanks for spreading the word about us and let us make the uphill well worth it. And make sure to high five your friends!

Introducing the Compass Outdoors RE:Stoke Program. It’s simple…

Refer someone to us who books a corporate adventure between May 20th and August 31 2019 and you and a guest are invited to an exclusive Compass VIP event in September. Think high end bikes, craft beer, local wine, and fantastic food.

It’s our way to say thanks for sharing the stoke.

The Process

  1. Talk to your people and tell them about your Compass experience.

  2. Have them fill out the form below.

  3. If they book an event, you’ll get an email with all the details of our next VIP event in September. (when we talk to them we’ll make sure to ask how they were referred to us)

  4. It’s really that simple…

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