Great for Duthie Hill, Grand Ridge, and the Ollalie trail system, short travel bikes hover around 5 inches of travel and are super fun to ride.  They are super fast, want to jump off of every obstacle, and climb like mountain goats.


Evil Following


The Following is a rock crawling, trail destroying 120mm travel 29er wild child that makes flying down singletrack, riding jump lines, and conquering rolling terrain more fun than should be allowed.



Juliana Furtado


The go-to model for all-around women riders, Furtado proves that what goes up well can come down equally well, too. 130mm of VPP suspension give it a unique personality that ranges from feisty dance partner on hot laps to trusty companion on more far flung adventures.



Santa Cruz 5010


The 5010’s balance and poise takes riders from uncertain neophyte to fledgling flyboy. While some bikes are good at going up and down, 130mm of VPP travel and 27.5” wheels make the 5010 a bike that’s great at going up, down, left, right, triangle, square, up, up, up, and away!