Summer Camp

Sorry but we've discontinued our Summer Camp Programs

For 2018 we will be focusing on our Corporate Adventures, Rentals, and Shop Space. Check out below for why...

Watch the video below to learn more about what we're doing an where we're heading.


Sambica Summer Camps

We have partnered with Sambica for the last two years providing their adventure programming. Check out their programs here.

Evergreen MTB Alliance Summer Camps

Compass has very close ties to the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and works with them in several formats. These camps are great for introducing your kids to the world of mountain biking. Check out their programs here.

Sweetlines Mountain Bike Summer Camps

The Sweetlines camps are a great option for furthering your childs skills in mountain biking. They specialize in introducing kids and women to mountain biking and will help kids and adults alike take the next steps. Kat and her team have trained our guides in the past. Check out their programs here.