Summer Camp

Summer Camps

Registration opens February 1st

Explorer Camp - 6 - 7 Year Olds


Adventure is in the eye of the beholder.

At Compass Outdoor Adventures we realize that EVERYTHING can be a learning experience when absorbing the world at this age. Our experienced staff members will help take your young one's through the woods, lakes, and great parks along the Snoqualmie Valley.

Our guides will lead the camps through the local trails where they will explore habitats and learn about the diverse wildlife that flourishes in the valley. We specialize in helping children at this age conquer fears, understand their surroundings, and develop a passion for the outdoors.

Our Explorer camps are built specifically to take all these developmental guidelines into account and to build our days around stretching them. Adventures are often closer to home and of a shorter duration to accommodate younger kids. Our instructors understand that sometimes its necessary to just cut loose and have fun with these little people instead of hitting more advanced timelines.

All camps are held Monday - Thursday from 9-4. Campers will need to bring their own bike and helmet.



Adventure Camp – 8 - 9 Year Olds


Eight and Nine year olds are bundles of raw, unbridled energy and creativity. Our Adventure Camps are designed to help harness this enthusiasm and new found independence.

Along with our trained guides the campers will find adventures that include activities and challenges that will help them think logically and collaboratively. They are urged to problem solve, communicate effectively, and to take calculated risks.

The camp will travel throughout the Snoqualmie Valley to mountain bike trails, hike through the mountains, and find the great alpine lakes. Your child will come back muddy, tired, and grinning from ear to ear.

All camps are held Monday - Thursday from 9-4. Campers will need to bring their own bike and helmet.



Extreme Adventure Camp – 10 - 11 Year Olds


If you have a ten or eleven year old you know they have one mission in life, to test the limits. Compass Extreme Adventure Camps are designed to use this newfound mission to build amazing adventures and experiences. Our passionate and engaging staff will help them calculate risks while pushing the limits of fun!

Before we set out, campers make sure they are fully geared up. (At this age they need to understand that Mom and Dad are not always there to get everything together for them). Campers will learn how to pack for trips, better their riding skills, explore the climbing areas in the Snoqualmie Valley as well as find the sickest swimming holes.

Kids come home exhausted, and so proud of themselves they can hardly stop talking about all the details of their adventure. They come back to camp the next day ready to help push themselves and pull their peers and mentors along with them.

All camps are held Monday - Thursday from 9-4. Campers will need to bring their own bike and helmet.

Overnight Camp – 12 – 14 Year Olds

The Compass Overnight Camp is designed for kids looking for a fun active adventure, bound to leave them with great memories.

In the early teen years, when our boys and girls are in the throws of middle school, we understand that they have to make their own decisions about risk and reward every day. They need to decide when it's right to stand up for their friends, when to push the limits, and where the boundaries between right and wrong become fuzzy. For this age group we've built our Overnight Camp.

Campers will be biking, hiking, geocaching and floating their way through the Snoqualmie Valley. They will pitch their own tents, make their own food with the goal of being able to understand the challenge and learn where you can push the limits. Your child will come back stronger, more resilient, and with a confidence that will inspire him/her to take that next step when they get back to school in the fall.

All camps are held Monday - Thursday. Campers will need to bring their own bike and helmet.



Compass Mentorship Program - 14 - 16 Year Olds

Participants aged - 14 - 16 will have the opportunity to be involved with our Summer Camps in an entirely new way. Each participant will attend a day of our mentee Training, learning new ways to work with their peers and campers. Mentors will discover new games, ice breakers, and develop a new found confidence in working with others and talking with adults.

Mentorship Participants will work with our Explorer Camps aged between 6-7 years old. Along with our trained guides the mentees will learn how to tackle some of the tougher situations with the little ones, they will discover a new found patience, and also discover the hidden art of group management. The day will start slightly earlier so they can help with signing our camp participants in. Then also assist in drop off at the end of each day.

Mentees will need to bring their own bike and helmet. *All mentees are required to fill out our Mentor Ship Program application form, you will find this in your confirmation email*. This form must be completed upon registration.





Waitlist - All Ages

If your desired camp is full check out here. We will collect all of your information then call you to make a transfer if a camp opens up. This is the best option to secure your seat if your desired camp is full.

All camps are held Monday - Thursday. Campers will need to bring their own bike and helmet.


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