The founder, Luke Talbott, was teaching fifth grade in the Snoqualmie Valley when he began to notice a trend in his students. Creative problem-solving seemed to be taking a back seat to immediately quitting when something got difficult. Exploration and curiosity became secondary to playing it safe and relying on adults.
He realized that to do something great, he would need to go outside the four walls of the classroom and get kids into an environment where they could truly learn what it is like to be alive.
Starting in 2008, the first Compass summer camp began with a total of 12 kids. Campers hiked, biked, explored, and got dirty in the forested corridor of Interstate 90, all within 25 minutes of their homes. By 2015, over 300 summer campers, thousands of field trip participants, and hundreds of corporate folks were taken out into the wilderness and shown their true capacities were far more than they ever imagined.

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