Thomas Fowler

Corporate Account Manager

Thomas was born and raised in Washington and has spent most of his life exploring the various nooks and crannies the state has to offer. His new favorite activity is skinning up one of the hillsides surrounding his place at Snoqualmie Pass and skiing down with his pup Ellie.

In the past he has worked for arborist’s, taught skiing and snowboarding, worked in a ski repair shop and gassed up boats on a dock in Lake Chelan. It is Chelan that he now considers “home” and spends a lot of his free time there throughout the year.

Q: Whats your nickname?
A: Tommy Flowers

Q: Go to post bike ride meal?
A: Fried Snow from the Aardvark

Q: Whats your dream adventure destination and why?
A: As boring as it sounds it’s probably Lake Chelan here in Washington. I have been to many awe inspiring places but I have yet to find something with the depth of beauty that Chelan offers up.

Q: Best “so there I was moment” in the outdoors?
A: It’s a longer story but it involves an apple tree, my brother and I as kids with our dad and a charging bear. Ask me about it sometime.

Q: Two favorite pieces of gear?
A: My snow skate and my 15 year old Chaco’s