With easy access from the metropolitan Seattle area Tiger Mountain is now one of the most popular mountain biking trail systems around. Tiger MTN is known for it’s technical trails and with the thick forest it is usually wet, full of roots and rocks, and will challenge even the most skilled riders. Featuring a newly built climbing trail that takes you majority of the way up, vistas of the iconic Mt. Rainier at the summit, and an ever expanding network of trails that will be sure to peak everyone’s adrenaline. When asked about trail recommendations on Tiger, we recommend following this simple progression:

*Hardtails are not recommended for Tiger MTN. Tiger MTN is not recommended for Novice riders.

NW Timber: Intermediate | 2miles | 583ft Climb | This 2 mile trail, rated as a beginner/green trail, is a great start for anyone newer to riding or to the area. All trails except Predator and Iverson will eventually end up on this trail, never gaining much elevation climbing-wise regardless of the direction traveled. Also connects easily to Legend, Easy Tiger, and Megafauna for short, time-crunched laps. 

Masterlink / QuickLink: Intermediate | 2.5miles | 1,622ft Climb | This one way climbing trail taking you nearly to the top of Predator, NOTG, and a link into lower OTG. This climb takes most people 45min to well over an hour to climb. Void of many technical features, it allows you the opportunity to take in the beautiful green forest as you spin to the top. Continue onto QuickLink to finish the climb.

Inside Passage: Intermediate | 1mile | 216ft Climb | 615ft Descent | Mid-way up Masterlink this is fast, flowy, and majority downhill, and will connect you to the east side trails of Tiger MTN. Makes for a shorter alternative to climbing all the way to the summit and an easier descent than most of the trails off of the top.

Joyride: Advanced | .93miles | 100ft Climb | 461ft Descent | This blue trail nice mixture of flowy, technical, and fast will be sure to keep everybody entertained. Good for descending and climbing, this is the main out trail when OTG, Preston, or Inside Passage is ridden.

Legend / Megafauna: Advanced - Expert | .57miles - .23miles | 90ft Climb | 580ft Descent | A fast single to double black diamond trail with a few mandatory drops and steep sections, this is a great introduction to more advanced riding, without the commitment of going all the way to the summit. Crossing the road at the bottom of Legend leads you to Megafauna, considerably steeper trail than Legend. Continue descending or use this as a turning point to jump onto Easy Tiger to climb back to NW Timber

OTG: Advanced | 2miles | 302ft Climb | 1,174ft Descent | This is Tiger’s most popular descending trail and rated as a black diamond. Starting nearly from all the way to the top, it’s mostly descending, flowy, but also has its share of technical root and rock garden sections and is broken up by a punchy uphill section about a 1/3 of the way down. Will take you directly to the top of Fully Rigid, which will then connect you to the eastside trails, Joyride and Silent Swamp. The rock and root sections can be very greasy when wet, so take caution.

NOTG: Expert | .94miles | 51ft Climb | 698ft Descent | One of the newest trails to join the Tiger MTN system, this trail defines raw, natural, PNW-style riding. Full of roots, large holes, and is often one of the most wet trails on the mountain; If you like getting loose and rowdy, this will be your trail. If you’re into this, but maybe want to step it up a little more, also be sure to check out the steeper and tighter East Bound and Down, connectable from Crosshaul and Inside Passage.

Predator: Expert / Pro | 2miles | 172ft Climb | 1,387ft Descent | The fastest way down the mountain, Predator is a true double-black diamond trail full of drops, jumps, large roots and rocks, and mandatory steep sections. This trail is recommended for experts only. Everyone including the most experienced should take caution their first time down.

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