Winter Rentals

Snowshoe Rentals

Don't just rent snow gear. Let us take care of your snowy adventure!



The MSR Evo Snowshoes are the perfect trail shoe to help you explore the winter wonderland. Compass provides Adult and Kids snowshoes as a daily rental. We will provide tails and poles if needed as well as some of our favorite trails to check out. Book yours today and we'll get you playing in the snow in no time.

Where should you go?

Find out where to go on your adventure and ensure you have the right knowledge


North West Avalanche Center

The folks at the North West Avalanche Center work incredibly hard to educate and inform professionals and recreation-lists about the snowpack and it's dangers. We highly suggest you gain some knowledge through their free classes (Available at the Compass Shop) and check their website for information.

Gold Creek Pond

At the heart of the Snoqualmie Pass lies the Gold Creek Pond. Man made due to the I90 construction this beautiful area has been classified as a wildlife rehabilitation area in order to encourage growth back to it's original state. This tranquil area is the perfect short snowshoe adventure, with Chikemin Peak at the end of the valley you're sure for a wonderful adventure.


Looking for a guided snowshoe adventure?

Snowshoe Adventures