getting folks dirty since 2007

Our Mission

To create and deliver world class experiences in and around Seattle that get people outdoors, active, and most importantly ENGAGED.

custom corporate events

teambuilding without the kumbaya


Unique corporate teambuilding activities designed to get your team outdoors and working together while having a great time. We work hand in hand with your group to design a memorable outdoor experience that will promote communication, excitement, and a more energized, productive team.

Summer Adventures

With amazing trails, long summer days and epic vistas, our local outdoor adventures will definitely provide lots of conversation around the water cooler the next day.

Winter Adventures

Taking advantage of the winter wonderland just 25 minutes from home base, our winter adventures will get you into a brand new environment with lasting experiences and memories.

Giving Back

Combining teamwork with doing good. With our giving back programs your team will be doing good for the community while they have a bit of friendly competition and an amazing time.

the compass demo center

amazing bikes delivered to your favorite trailhead


Partnering with our good buddies over at evo, we’ve amassed the absolutely best demo fleet in the Pacific Northwest. With over 50 bikes from Evil, Yeti, Santa Cruz and Juliana, we’ve got the perfect bike for every trail up here. Best of all, book it online and we’ll deliver it to you at your trail. Coming in from Detroit and uber’ing to Duthie Hill? No problem. Have a full rack and need to get one more bike? We’ve got you covered. Amazing bikes at a decent price with a delivery option. A perfect recipe for an amazing day on our local trails.

Compass Events

weekly programs all season long designed to get your body and mind moving