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Compass Outdoor Adventures was originally incorporated in 2007. The founder, Luke Talbott, was teaching fifth grade in the Snoqualmie Valley when he began to notice a trend in his students. Creative problem-solving seemed to be taking a back seat to immediately quitting when something got difficult. Exploration and curiosity became secondary to playing it safe and relying on adults.
He realized that to do something great, he would need to go outside the four walls of the classroom and get kids into an environment where they could truly learn what it is like to be alive.

Starting in 2008, the first Compass summer camp began with a total of 12 kids. Campers hiked, biked, explored, and got dirty in the forested corridor of Interstate 90, all within 30 minutes of their homes. By 2017, over 500 campers, hundreds of rentals, and thousands of corporate folks have been taken out on adventures and shown their true capacities were far more than they ever imagined.

The Backstory


First Ever Compass Summer Camps - 12 Kids Total... Mostly from Luke's 5th Grade Class.


Compass Summer Camps expand and afterschool programs start. Karie Downing joins the team. Luke leaves the classroom to pursue the Compass dream and chase his three little children while his wife goes to corporate America.


Compass Summer Camp up to 75 kids. Winter camps start and Karie gets the Suburban stuck in the snow and has to get kids to push it out.


Adults begin clamoring for outdoor programs. Their kids are having way too much fun. Begin Compass corporate programs.


After bootstrapping Compass for years, Luke closes the doors and gets a grown up job. Luckily the startup goes under and allows Luke to get his true purpose, Compass Outdoor Adventures, up and running again.


Compass 2.0 opens it's doors again with more clarity, more focus, and more fun than ever. Tom Clark returns to the team and helps to bring summer camp and programs to the next level.


A huge jump...over 400 kids in summer programs, almost 50 corporate programs, and 400 bike rentals! And looking forward to 2017!


The biggest year yet over 500 kids in Camp programs, Nearly 100 Corporate Events, and over 600 mountain bike rentals. Compass opened a bar and a whole new shop space, oh boy! we're excited for 2018.


New programs, New Rentals, Food and Beverage, and Retail! Say hello to your one stop shop for adventure in the PNW!

Getting Folks Dirty Since 2007

We specialize in introducing people to the outdoors, through active, and engaging events and adventures.

why choose us

We create high quality, world class experiences for teams of all sizes. Fantastic competitions that will have your group laughing out loud and reminiscing over the hilarious photos for years.

We're a local company grown here in North Bend, Washington. We employee local teenagers and outdoor professionals to keep the outdoor spirit alive in the valley. This small business is helping create Seattles new outdoor playground.

Our highly trained and certified employees provide meaningful and lasting relationships with our customers. These outdoor professionals will have you feeling comfortable, pushing your limits, and trying new adventures.

Our customers revel in the fact that we consistently create incredible custom experiences within all of our products. These unique offerings allow our customers to come back time after time, yet still find a different adventure.